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At our establishment, we embrace the concept of "A Matcha-Infused Lifestyle," aspiring to assist you in achieving a beautifully abundant and healthful life.

Preparing Matcha to Calm the Mind

The process of warming the tea bowl, wiping it with a tea cloth, scooping matcha, pouring hot water, and whisking to create a delicious bowl of tea takes only about 5 to 6 minutes when performed meticulously. However, within this sequence of actions lies an effect akin to mindfulness, allowing you to quiet your mind and focus your awareness on the present moment.

Revitalizing the Body with Matcha

In the practice of the tea ceremony, it is customary to prepare a bowl of tea for the guests. Yet, at our establishment, we recommend the experience of preparing a bowl for oneself. Taking the time to attentively prepare matcha for your own sake and savoring it slowly can lead to a form of self-meditation, where your consciousness turns inward.